Rocky Holcomb’s Agenda

Create Jobs and Grow Our Economy

  • Strengthen small businesses and create a pro-business climate to expand job growth
  • Keep taxes low and work in a bi-partisan manner to balance the budget
  • Reduce government regulations so businesses can focus on job creation

Improve Education

  • Reform Virginia’s SOL testing program
  • Reward teachers for their achievements
  • Make sure more tax dollars reach the classroom

Fighting for Middle Income Families

  • Push for a tuition freeze at our colleges and universities
  • Work to reduce the soaring cost of healthcare insurance
  • Give law enforcement the tools and training they need to protect our families and community

Improving Transportation

  • Work in a bi-partisan manner to solve our transportation needs
  • Make sure tax dollars are spent wisely on projects that reduce traffic congestion
  • Make sure that our laws and highway infrastructure keep up with technology